• Our Service

    Research suggests at least £187,000,000’s worth of school uniform is lost each year.

    Findmykit.com provides a solution to this problem.

    We have transformed the traditional name tag into a 'Smart Tag' using QR Technology.

    We provide both iron-on transfers for uniforms AND stickers for all equipment use.

  • How it works

    • Details registered by a parent and smart tags purchased
    • A lost item scanned by a signed up organisation
    • Text message and email notifications sent to parent
    • Lost item retrieved from notified location

    Irrespective of where your items are lost, if they are found and scanned by an organisation signed up to Findmykit, you will be able to retrieve them.

  • Benefits

    • The system is browser-based, and free for the school to use
    • Providing financial, logistical and social benefits
    • Items returned to individuals who may not have been in a position to replace them
    • Notification can be sent from any findmykit.com organization NOT just your own school / club

Simple to use

Using a combination of QR technology coupled with an advanced PET (polyethylene terephthalate) based material, we have transformed the traditional name tag providing both an extremely durable Smart Tag and an enhanced opportunity of retrieval.

When Items are found and scanned by an organisation signed up to Findmykit, you will receive a notification via Email and or SMS/Text with details of its location and who to contact.

  1. Easy to sign up
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Safe and secure
  4. Individually produced QR codes
  5. Easy to iron/stick on
  6. Found items are scanned and returned
  7. Machine washable to 40℃
  8. Dishwasher proof


Once ironed on our transfers begin to cool into the fabric, and are then securely held in place.

Their flexibility means they can be used on all uniforms including swim and dance wear.


  • "At last, a decent alternative to sewing in labels!" - Liz
  • "What a great idea, mine are always losing kit." - Kirsty
  • "This has worked for me, 2 items returned already." - Sam
  • "lets hope everyone starts using it, including the adults!" - Jim