Frequently Asked Questions

Q What does do?

A is a solution to the vast and expensive problem of lost property, providing a system whereby lost items are scanned and an automatic email notification and/or SMS message is delivered to the registered owner avoiding the cost and inconvenience of replacing lost items. has designed and manufactured tags for the next generation. We have taken the traditional name tag and developed it into a Smart Tag.

Q What is a Smart Tag?

A A Smart Tag can be either an iron-on or sticker QR code (Quick Response Code) and is the trademark for a type of matrix barcode. The tag not only bears the owner’s name in the traditional format but also, due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity, carries encoded information embedded within the black modules.

Each set of Smart Tags will carry your own individually designed QR code. This code is specific to one person. On registering your preferred contact details an individual QR code is automatically generated and your Smart Tags are processed.

Q What is a QR code?

A A QR code is a modern day bar code. This QR code has the ability to hold a great deal of information.

Each set of Smart Tags will have your own individually designed QR code. This code is specific to one person. Once you register by inputting your details into our secure system your individual QR code is automatically generated and your set of tag are produced once ordered.

Q How does this all work?

A If an item is lost the Smart Tag can be scanned by any vetted organisation. Once scanned this automatically sends to the account holder an email and/or SMS text message. These messages will notify the account holder:

  1. That an item has been lost.
  2. Where the item is located.
  3. How the lost item can be collected.

Q Is this system secure?

A Yes. All the data is held within our data base and is 100% secure. The organisation scanning your Smart Tag will see no information other than the name of the owner, printed on the Smart Tag in the traditional way.

Q What is the cost to the school?

A The system is free for all schools and organisations to use.

We provide you with a free scanner. Any new school or organisation can register online or alternatively contact for more information.

Q What is the cost to the parent?

A Parents pay for a pack of smart tags. Included in the price are the first 10 sms text notifications. If 10 sms texts are used then further texts can be purchased, however all email notifications will be free of charge.

All packs contain both iron on tags and sticker tags.

Q Who can scan my tag?

A All organisations / schools / train companies / bus companies / taxi companies / sports clubs will be vetted by us at

Only vetted organisations will be given access to our system. Organisations that clear this process will be able to scan any tag that they find. They will then notify you to tell you where your lost item is being held and how you can retrieve it.

Q What is the community?

A All vetted organisations will automatically become members of our community.

Q Are the tags washing machine / dishwasher safe?

A Yes they are provided all instructions for applying the Smart Tags are followed correctly. The tags are subject to general wear however we employ the higher of the Reed-Solomon error correction algorithm on generating our codes allowing us error correction capability with a loss less than 30% of coding creating an extremely durable tag.

Q What is an affiliated partner of

A An outfitter or schoolwear supplier that endorses findmykit and helps promotes us.

Q What details do I need to supply to open my account?

A You will be asked for your parent/guardian name, address and the email and mobile number that you wish to be notified on.

Q I have 3 children at 3 different schools do I need 3 accounts?

A No your account enables you to register and order tags for all your children.

Q I have changed my mobile number or email address what do I do?

A You can edit all personal details once you log on to your account.

Q What are your delivery times?

A The current delivery times are displayed at the top of our homepage. During peak season between June-Sept this is usually between 10-14 days.

Orders out of season may take longer due to minimum printing requirements.

Q General Enquiries

A Please email all enquiries to